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My friend Cristina Nehring has a new–I almost typed “book.” It is not a book, however, but a compact yet capacious and passionate moncler coat with bow essay-memoir just published in Amazon’s new Kindle Singles arcade for short-form prose and fiction: “Compelling Ideas Expressed at Their Natural Length,” an antidote to all that wordiness running amuck in the neighborhood.It is the perfect format for Cristina’s Journey to the Edge of Light, which tells the improbable, traumatic, and finally inspiriting story of what befell her and her daughter Eurydice following the publication of Nehring’s A Vindication of Love, which was reviewed on the front page of the New York Times Book Review and seemed to set her up pretty on the up-ramp of literary fame and success–until life intervened. Eurydice, born with Down Syndrome, was diagnosed with leukemia and the outside world shrunk into a high-tech hospital and a singular fight for recovery and life. I’ve read it, I recommend it, and at only $1.99 to download you can’t plead poverty as an excuse not to give it a try. (Also, you can download a free sample.) The subject and title of this KIndle single looks compelling as well.

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Susan Sarandon, Christian Ashdale, Peter Jackson, and Saoirse Ronan at The Lovely Bones premiere in New York City, on December 3, 2009. Photographs by I didn t even recognize you! Susan Sarandon said to an Alexander Wang-clad Saoirse Ronan last night before the lights dimmed at the New York City premiere of the film The Lovely Bones. In the movie, which is based on Alice Sebold s 2002 novel of the same name, Ronan, 15, plays Susie Salmon, who is murdered in 1974 and watches from heaven as her family tries to track down her killer. Sarandon plays Susie s booze-bag grandma who helps the Salmon family cope with the tragedy. It s great as a young actress to get to be in the company of such great actors who have been around for a very long time and who are extremely comfortable on set, Ronan said of her Oscar-winning co-stars Sarandon and Rachel Weisz, along with Oscar-nominated Mark Wahlberg and two-time Golden Globe winner Stanley Tucci. Ronan herself was nominated for an Oscar for her spooky portrayal Briony Tallis in the 2008 drama Atonement. I would do something like a comedy, Ronan said yesterday evening. The first movie I did was a romantic comedy, so I would like to go back to that. I m always joking and trying to be funny. As hot moncler coats guests including model Helena Christensen, television personality Dan Abrams, and actress Patricia Clarkson took their seats, director Peter Jackson discussed making the movie. We had a wonderful time shooting on location in Pennsylvania and in New Zealand, he said. When you see the movie, they walk outside they re in Pennsylvania, and when they walk through the doorway they go to New Zealand, so it s really a time travel film. The lights went down, and as the drama began to unfold on the screen, Martha Stewart scurried into her fifth row seat. Further into the film, as Sarandon s hard-partying granny came into the frame and lightened the mood, real life hard partier Courtney Love climbed her way into the fourth row. And as the heavy film continued to progress, a separate action movie began in the audience as Love proceeded to douse herself with perfume. After the screening, guests crossed the rain-soaked street from the Paris Theater to the Plaza Hotel, where the Paramount Pictures and Cinema Society after-party took place in the storied Oak Room. Like restaurants, parties have power tables, and last night s event was no exception. In the back room at the center table against the wall, Stanley Tucci sat by Patricia Clarkson, while Susan Sarandon s table was to the left. Mark Wahlberg and co-star Michael Imperioli talked near Peter Jackson, and socialite Olivia Palermo s boyfriend Johannes Huebl gave other party-goers a lesson in good manners by using a napkin to reach into the passed basket of french fries, much to the embarrassment of those who had simply grabbed a fistful of pommes frites with their fingers. Meanwhile, Ronan worked the space, describing how the most difficult aspect of the role was labeling the steps that Susie takes throughout the story. She changes so much, Ronan said. When she s on earth, she s a protected teenager with a very strong family, and she has to become this strong woman who fights for the acceptance of her death, so that was interesting and challenging. And just like Sarandon lightened the mood in the movie, the young Christian Ashdale, who plays Susie s brother in the film, lightened the mood at the party. Running around with two tiny pals not a sight you often see on the New York City party circuit Ashdale sipped a red iced beverage out of a wine glass. As guests stopped to pat the little guy on the back Hey buddy, good job! we said, giving him the thumbs up Ashdale practiced what will probably some day be his Oscar acceptance speech: Thank you!

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GM and Chrysler said they need an additional $7 billion in federal aid for a total of $39 billion to survive the worst crisis in the history of the auto industry. By way of justification, they unveiled their latest cutting-edge prototype: a hybrid that runs on recycled dollar bills. [Detroit Free Press] Louisiana’s Gov. Bobby Jindal, a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2012, has defiantly said he is likely to turn down the $4 billion allotted to his State in President Obama’s stimulus package, despite Louisiana’s predicted $2 billion budget shortfall next year. New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin has responded he would be happy to claim the money. [CBS] Michael Phelps has been hanging out at strip clubs to avoid the paparazzi. Next stops on his public-image, whistle-stop rehabilitation tour? Underground dog fights and kiddie porn chatrooms! [Page Six] Sarah Jessica Parker says the challenge for the next installment of Sex and the City is to make it “recession friendly.” That’s about as likely as an ACLU-friendly season of 24. [US] Kanye West dresses better than most people in hip-hop, but not as well as Michael Jackson, according to Kanye West. [In the Cut] Facebook’s ambitious, young chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, was stymied in his efforts to own and control users’ personal information, dashing his hopes of inspiring moncler nantes down coat a new, younger Bond villain. [NY Times] Kate Winslet would do better to dye her hair, and Richard Jenkins should wear a toupee, a new Oscar study finds. [Guardian]

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On a narrow passageway in the Sixth sits this just-under-the-radar boutique owned and operated by two talented friends named Delphine. Their exclusive designs (one creates edgy jewelry, the other slouchy leather totes and moncler new pop star women down coat boots) are the shop’s main draw, and a well-tailored rack of simple Laurence Doligé and Hartford clothing rounds out the effortlessly cool mix.5 rue de Condé (6th arr.), 33-1-4325-3795

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SunHee Grinnell and Bettina Zilkha.My nanny was out for three days last week, so not only was I a full-time mom, but I was also working from home. You know, like one of those frantic mothers on their BlackBerrys while they re running around with their kids? Yeah. But because I have an excellent assistant, I decided not to check my Treo until my four-and-a-half-year-old son was in school, and only look at it when he was in his music or French class. I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which means kids and strollers galore, and many full-time moms. I was running around with my son in my casual clothes, so that I didn t stick out like too much of a sore thumb in the rather suburban-esque environment, which really is a fantastic place to raise a child. Anyway, I was in my suburban groove, making play dates with other moms with kids, moncler shop hamburg and halfway through the week, I had completely switched gears from being the beauty director of Vanity Fair to being the Park Slopean mom!However, on the evening of the third day, I was due to be at a La Mer cocktail party, where the brand was going to announce its special partnership with Oceana, the leading international ocean-advocacy organization. The event was to be held at New York socialite Bettina Zilkha s home on the Upper East Side. La Mer was kind enough to send me a car, so I traded in my schlep clothes for a J. Mendel ensemble (thank God for sample sales!) from my closet, and got dolled up but having bonded with my son for three days, my brain was still in Mommy mode.Minutes later, I entered Bettina s lovely apartment, and at first glance I saw Patrick McMullan snapping away at the gathered crowd, including Sam Waterston (from Law and Order), Jeff Goldblum (do you remember The Fly? Hot! And he is still very good looking after all these years), and Sting. Yes, Sting! But a brunette Sting. Hmmm. I think I like him better as a blond, but, hey, he s looking pretty fit and sexy.

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Director Jay Roach—winner of two Emmys for 2008’s Recount, and famous for helming the Meet the Parents and Austin Powers comedic empires—is now out with Saturday’s Game Change, HBO’s feature-length adaptation of the John Heilemann–Mark Halperin bestseller. Roach, who cops to being a lifelong “politics junkie,” spoke with senior West Coast editor Krista Smith about whether John McCain and Sarah Palin will ever watch the film, those Austin Powers reboot rumors, and his new Will Ferrell/Zach Galifianakis comedy—highlights from their chat:Krista Smith: People always associate you with the Austin Powers and Meet the Parents style of comedy—how did you get into politics?Jay Roach: I’ve been interested in politics from way, way back, and I’d even thought about going to law school at a point. I have a degree in economics and I was kind of on a pre-law track, and then I started doing more and more camera work, which changed everything. I partly got involved in Recount by working on another project that was about Mark Felt, a kind of Rashomon version of All the President’s Men, because Mark Felt was Deep Throat, and I am involved in developing that project.I was so surprised with Game Change that I was sympathetic to Sarah Palin. At times, I was rooting for her. Did you plan for that to happen?I did hope that people would at least try to understand her better, and be open to learning more about what went on behind the scenes. And I had a feeling that even people who knew a lot about her and a lot about how she was in the 2008 campaign might [see they] kind of ignored some of the tough parts of her predicament. She was a mom with five kids, a new baby with Down syndrome, a pregnant teenage daughter. . . and one of the things that was always moving to me was her saying good-bye to her son going off to Iraq, while she’s in the middle of all of that. That instantly, for me, brought some sympathy.How did you come to Julianne Moore to play Sarah Palin?There were a few people on the list and none really matched well enough, at first, for me. We were kind of searching around, and thinking about a few people seriously, and it wasn’t until I started doing Photoshop composites of hair, glasses, and wardrobe onto the various actors that we were considering [that] I saw that Julianne would actually be an incredible match—[and that] she would take it further, because she is just an incredible actress, and she would have to transform much more than just with the glasses and hair and wardrobe. She’d have to get the accent, she’d have to get the body language, and so I just needed the very, very best actress to take it on, and also I needed the bravest actress to take it on. We floated the idea to some other actresses—just to their people, anyway—and got a sense that most people were just afraid of it, and thought it might put them too much under the magnifying glass. And we got back from her people, No—she would love to do this. That was huge for me, that she would have the courage to portray someone everybody knows and, maybe most daunting of all, [someone who] had already been portrayed by Tina Fey. I never thought that we should cast Tina Fey, because what Tina Fey did was so incredible, but was completely different from what we were going to do—and she’d already done it.It’s Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin, not Sarah Palin.But we knew it would come up all the time. Of course, from the moment we announced that we were doing it with Julianne, the comments on the sites just lit up with, Why didn’t they keep it Tina Fey? And that’s why one of my favorite moments in film is when you see Tina Fey in the film onscreen being watched by Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin, so you get a direct comparison and a clear explanation of why Julianne is doing it, and she does what she does incredibly well, right next to Tina Fey, [doing] what she does incredibly well. I think that moment also gives you, again, sympathy for what Sarah Palin was going through, because it was so humiliating.Before this film, I didn’t actually realize how much time the candidates spend watching themselves.When we were doing the research on Recount, people were often astonished at how much Al Gore kept track of what the pundits were saying and how things were being portrayed in the media. And I think that’s an interesting part of the political process. [It raises] questions about how obviously media-driven it is—nowadays, it’s becoming kind of a reality show in tone, having an almost professional-wrestling, World Wrestling Federation vibe to it. . . . It’s so much about who’s scoring what points on the media scoreboard.Tell me about Ed Harris as John McCain.There is a lot about John McCain that I think is very honorable, and I think he’s an American hero. He served our country for many decades and I had a lot of not just sympathy, but, I guess the right word is, respect. . . . I had a lot of respect for what dilemmas he faced in campaigning, and in a certain way, the kind of tragic results in recognizing that he’d allowed the campaign to go very negative by the end—but still be noble enough to stay away from the Reverend Wright trump card. He could have played it any time. I think what Ed Harris captured as the character, and what Danny Strong’s great script showed, was that he’s a very complicated man, and very conflicted between wanting to win and do the right thing and the noble thing.Has McCain seen this film?No. We offered to show it to all three of the main characters. Schmidt agreed, saw it, and said, [“This was a surreal experience for me”]—he said it in the L.A. Times. We offered to show it to Sarah Palin and she declined, and John McCain declined also—both declined in public. John McCain said, It would be a cold day in Gila Bend, Arizona, before I watch this film. He’s funny; I think he has a good sense of humor. I wish they would both watch it. I recommend they both watch it, because I think they would see a much more fair and layered [film] committed to getting at the truth, and I think they prejudged.So what’s next for you?I just wrapped shooting a couple weeks ago in New Orleans. Another political movie, but this time a full-on comedy, starring Zach Galifianakis as a candidate who runs against Will Ferrell, another candidate, both running for a congressional seat. It’s called The Campaign. It’s very, very funny, certain satire about negative campaigning and PAC/super-PAC money.And will that come out right at election time?That comes out in August, so it will give people plenty of time to think about what it means. It’s a Democrat versus a Republican. So they don’t pull any punches on both parties.Are we ever going to get an Austin Powers reboot?You never know. There’s always talk and for lots of years there has been talk and that’s entirely up to Mike, the brilliant creator of the character, and when he wants to move forward on something, I’ll definitely be there to talk about it.Lastly, what do you think is the future of politics?I’m sincerely worried about it. A big reason why I make these films is to try to find some answers to big questions. My solution is, because I’m not an expert, to just tell stories that ask questions about how it works and the main question is, Why doesn’t it work better in general? . . . I think no matter what party you’re in, we’re in charge of our own politics. We actually still get to have a huge say in how we’re governed: we choose our leaders and we vote on our laws and the people who write the laws. And it’s up to us to stay informed—the one good thing I think comes out of the political environment these days is that people do seem to pay attention to it, and I just hope that along with attention and a sort of obsession with fame and celebrity within politics comes a genuine concern for the issues. Who knows if a film can ever get people talking about it moncler down long coat enough to have any positive impact on how it evolves, but I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have some kind of an idealistic belief that it’s possible.

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They were just hours away from one of the world’s most star-studded New Year’s Eve parties, thrown by billionaire Roman Abramovich. But it looked like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her actor boyfriend Jason Statham would have been happy celebrating with just each other as they went shopping on the Caribbean island of St Barts yesterday afternoon. The couple, who have been dating for eight months, joined a slew of stars hoping to see in the New Year in style. Loved up: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and boyfriend Jason Statham stroll around Gustavia, St Barts, before Roman Abramovich’s New Year’s Eve partyDare to bare: Rosie appears to have forgotten her shoes as she strolls down the streetAnd Rosie, 23, seemed so besotted with her man, that she had forgotten to put on any shoes for their trip.More…Snooki welcomes in 2011 ‘like a hamster’ as she’s lowered in a giant ball at Jersey ShoreCome on, come on, Take That… and party! Gary Barlow and co. perform energetic set at private event in BarbadosWearing a pink top, and a pair of tiny denim shorts which showed off her long legs, she seemed perfectly happy to stroll around without any footwear. Her 39-year-old boyfriend, on the other hand,sported a pair of sensible white sneakers, baggy beige shorts and a green T-shirt. With their arms firmly around each other, they window shopped at a local jewellery store, before jumping on a boat. All smiles: The model and her boyfriend only had eyes for each other as they sunned themselves on the Caribbean island yesterday All that glitters: The couple indulge in a spot of window shopping at a local jewellery store Ahoy there! Rosie and Jason look cosy after hopping on a boat after their shopping moncler maya replica spree The couple are in St Barts after spending Christmas at home in their native England. They were joined by on the island by stars including Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, Salma Hayek, Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs, former supermodel Stephanie Seymour, plus singer Alicia Keys and producer husband Swizz Beatz, who were all rumoured to be headed to Abramovich’s Hogmany celebrations. Getting into the spirit: Ellen and Portia DeGeneres were clearly enjoying themselves following a New Year’s Eve lunch on the island Romantic: Film director George Lucas was clearly enjoying his holiday with girlfriend Mellody Hobson A smiling Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia were spotted having lunch in the sunshine, while director George Lucas and his partner Mellody Hobson were clearly enjoying themselves as they took a stroll by the harbour, pre party. The Chelsea-owning oligarch is said to have spent £5million on the party, which he and girlfriend Daria Zhukova, 29, hosted athis £58million, 70-acre estate on the island. Last year, the bash featured performances from Beyonce and Prince, with the guest list including Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom and Kanye West. Hosts with the most: Roman Abramovich and girlfriend Daria Zhukova on a dinghy boat as they sail back to their gigantic yacht to organise tonight’s New Years Eve party in St Barts Preparations: Marquees and other temporary buildings have started to go up around Roman’s compound at Governor Bay for tonight’s lavish party But this year, the generous 44-year-old billionaire splashed the cash by hiring the Black Eyed Peas to play the extravagant do. Black Eyed Pea Fergie, 35, and her Transformers actor husband Josh Duhamel, 38, were flown in by helicopter on Thursday.Some 250 people danced under the stars around Governor Bay, which Roman completely cordoned off. Travel in style: Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel were flown into St Barts by Abramovich yesterday Tropical taste: Fergie – due to play the oligarch’s New Year’s Eve party with The Black Eyed Peas – seemed chuffed to be in the Caribbean Whilemarquees were erected around the beach, out at sea there was mooring in the harbour for luxury yachts to ferry guests backwards and forwards andwhere they could spend their stay if they decided not to sleep in any of the estate’s bungalows. Roman commandeered a flotilla of multi-million pound boats from fellow billionaire friends, including one belonging to his friend, fellow Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko.His vessel is Ashton and Demi’s home during their time on the island as Roman’s guests. Party goers: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher got a golden ticket to the Abramovich bash Lap of luxury: A slew of stars including Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been staying on luxury yachts like these in St Barts Roman is said to have also used another of his own massive boats to launch hundreds of thousands of pounds of high-end fireworks at the stroke of midnight.Earlier this month, the super-rich soccer fan took delivery of the world’s largest private yacht, the 543ftEclipse, which is currently moored in the bay and said to be equipped with an anti-paparazzi shield consisting of infra-red lasers. Yummy mummy: Salma Hayek and her daughter Valentina are also staying on a yacht at St Barts – and the Hollywood bombshell is thought to have an invite to tonight’s bashCosting £300million, the nine-deck boat – described as so top of the range, it’s ‘seven star’, also boasts accommodation for up to 12 guests, plus five bodyguards.Italso features a cinema, library and restaurant, which maybe provided entertainment for any New Year’s Eve guests who were bored of the festivities offered on dry land. Shop til we drop: Alicia Keys and Swizz shopped in a variety of luxury stores including Louis Vuitton on Thursday night on the island In town: P-Diddy’s girlfriend Kim Porter and her children arrive into Gustavia from their massive yacht to head to St Jean Beach in St Barts

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Photo: Kevin SturmanDonna Karan was thinking Manhattan tango, she said, which meant waisted dresses, ruffles, and big skirts with that distinctly Donna big-city vibe, viz a black tulle-and-silk shirt with an moncler coat wool ultra-flared skirt with a deep bordered edge, or the same skirt shape in a black, white, and red plaid with an ivory draped bustier that had a nude bra attached. That’s Donna, always thinking of practical considerations: how she can make a strapless top “effortless” (the bra). Or the comfort of her shoes—fabulous high wedges with espadrille or studded edging at the bottom, or the spindle-heeled platforms with leather and stretch-fabric thick straps. “I want to wear heels, but I can’t wear them that high!” she said. “The platform on these shoes takes the heel from 110 to 85. Now these feel like bedroom slippers!” Someone asked her how long she’d worn the shoes, though—an hour? “No, all day!’”she replied. “I forgot I had them on.” 

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Both are blonde, slim, and adept at reading teleprompters. But Diane Sawyer had better hope that s where the comparisons between herself and Katie Couric will end, as she takes over from Charlie moncler down coat women uk Gibson as the anchor of ABC s World News in January.When Katie Couric left NBC s The Today Show to host The CBS Evening News in 2006, becoming the first woman to ever assume the prestigious position of network anchor. She was met with a barrage of criticism from her peers in the media when she left the warm, cozy confines of morning television. What prompted the grumblings, aside from Couric s informal delivery and lack of a signature sign-off, was largely her physical appearance. Style experts across the media were brought in to nitpick her make-up, hairstyle, and wardrobe Her bronzer was too heavy! She wore white after Labor Day! She chopped off her hair in an inappropriate pixie-style cut! More ludicrous than the amount of words otherwise respectable news outlets devoted to criticizing Couric was the analysis that followed such scrutiny. Couric made the mistake of changing her appearance regularly, displaying an unsettling lack of confidence in the face of criticism and low ratings bad news for an anchor. Perhaps the hoopla over Couric s appearance was a one-time thing, an obligatory round of media hazing for the first female network anchor. Now that the path has been tread, maybe Sawyer can hope for more even treatment from her peers. Her undeniable attractiveness will work against her, though, as will the fact that she, like Couric, is coming from a network morning show, Good Morning America. Already, comments on the New York Times Web site echo the vaguely sexist early chattering about Couric. (A sampling: I think the sexiest part of a woman lies between her ears, but Sawyer s physical attractiveness is certainly a bonus. Or, [Diane is] probably best suited for celebrity interviews and puff pieces on G.M.A. Or, She s easier on the eyes, that s for sure. ) But if she s as smart as Americans like to think our anchors are, she ll learn from Couric s experience, and stick with the exact same look she s maintained over the years on G.M.A.: a soft blouse here, a well-cut jacket there, and always the baby-blonde wisps that stay so conveniently and effortlessly out of the way. This tactic could hopefully preempt some of the inevitable, tired makeover stories and pantsuit comparisons. After all, these are the women who read us the news do we really want them to be in it?

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If the reason you don’t own a printed pencil skirt yet is because you think basic black, navy and tan are more versatile replica de moncler options, then you’ve been sorely misinformed. Sure, a neutral-hued sheath matches most any shirt or shoe—but so does one with a floral motif or stripes! In fact, the wilder the pattern, the easier it becomes to create a look: just throw on a simple pullover or T-shirt to balance out your busier lower half*! Of course, if you’re feeling more adventurous you can also do the whole print-on-print thing, or take a more traditional route with a button-down or slim turtleneck. That’s beauty of printed pencil skirts: the outfit possibilities are endless.Bright lipstick, statement jewelry and elaborate shoes all become optional when you’ve got good printed pencil game. Those are the kinds of ensemble-saving extras you need on hand for generic solid sheaths, not bold styles that’ll win you ten compliments in one day. That’s why printed pencil skirts are also the best thing ever if you’re running late in the morning and have no time to fuss in front of a mirror. The 13 pieces in the slideshow above won’t let you down in those moments when you need to look good in a hurry (or really, any amount of time of all). Click through to stock up now.*Yes, this even applies if you’re wider around the hips! Just pick a smaller print (or something with vertical panels like the Just Cavalli skirt on slide nine) and pair it with a darker top. You’ll look amazing, I swear it.